Educational Concepts

Basic Educational Philosophy

Follow your conscience and do beneficent acts.
We seek to nurture women who are strong and yet gentle and who can act under the guidance of their own judgment and sense of responsibility in accordance with the rules that they have set up for themselves.

Activity-related Philosophical Concepts

(1) Education that is systematic and attentive to detail

In a free atmosphere we provide basic and specialized education that is systematic and attentive to detail. This education is useful in society and helps the students to obtain various licenses. We train students so that they may have broad and specialized knowledge and also communication skills. We also have an advisor system whereby each teacher is in charge of a small number of students. We aim to teach students to develop their strengths and abilities.

・liberal education and specialized education (nurturing intelligence, sense of humanity, and specialized major)

・Support for acquiring qualifications

・Support for student life

(2) Consistently strengthening the functions of education and research

Each teacher works on improving the method of conducting classes by checking the feedback questionnaire and students’ opinions with a view to raising the students’ interest and understanding in the areas of basic and special education. Each teacher also provides education based on his research suitable for the contemporary era, and keeps reviewing components of departments to meet the needs of the era and of society. In addition, we aim to provide helpful service related to the registering of students’ credits, student life, studying abroad, and assistance for job-hunting by the Student Affairs Office.

・Examination and evaluation of Class Evaluation (FA) by students and its implementation

・Examination, evaluation, and development of the components of each department and the goal of education

・Systematizing student education and the Student Affairs Office by examining, evaluating and developing their service.

(3) Harmony with local community

We actively accept members of the local community who wish to study while working, wish to study again, and wish to have life-long education. We aim to develop an educational program which is enjoyable, rich, and useful for working students on a continuing basis in their daily lives. Furthermore, we facilitate collaboration with companies of the local community to help our students’ careers.

・Acceptance of working students

・Collaboration with local community for life-long education

・Expansion of internship education

(4) University education to contribute to international society

We accept excellent foreign students from sister universities and inculcate in them the educational concepts of our university so as to help them become independent refined women who contribute to society. We also encourage students to study abroad so that they may develop an international outlook. Furthermore, we aim to provide an academic environment in which students can interact and exchange ideas with foreign students so that they may develop an understanding of various cultures and teachers can interact and exchange ideas in their research fields.

・Expansion of system for accepting foreign students from our sister university and for students to study abroad (to widen their views).

・Promotion of international exchange within the university (providing a forum for interaction between Japanese students and foreign students)

・Promotion of interaction and exchange between teachers of the sister university and our university

・A center that satisfactorily provides for the needs of foreign students

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