Department of Human Department

Distinctive Features of the Department

To understand human well; to create an enriched life wherein human dwell in contentment.

The purpose is to carry out an in depth study of humans, in order to create and support an enriched environment for a successful human life. Student in this department will learn about cultures developed by humans, its evolution throughout centuries and psychology residing therein. Through learning about culture which forms the foundation of human development and the human living therein, students will develop a deep insight as well improve their skills with regards to human understanding. Additionally, they will also gain an expertise in tradition, language, culture and information so that it will be connected to their future aim.

From this department students would be able to get qualification and license such as Junior High School National Language Teacher license, High School Japanese Language teacher license, Calligraphy and Information teacher license, Psychologist certification, Librarian certification, School Librarian Certification, Advanced Information Manager Certification etcetera. They may also be able to get licenses such as School Teacher and Special Needs school instructor by taking other majors. The student will be able to carve out their future plan in accordance with the support system and advices provided by their teachers and seniors.

Department of Human Department

Course Contents

psychology course

The student will be able to study human heart mechanism scientifically. This shall be done by examining the apparent human language, expression and behavior. The study of these principles will help to solve the human psychological problems and hence, make an improvement in their lives. The student will be granted a degree in psychology, proving that they have learned aptly the principles of psychology. Furthermore, they will acquire the much needed practical skills in this field and shall be able to qualify for the teaching licenses and pursue careers such as “Junior and High School teacher”, “Elementary School teacher”, “Special Needs Education Instructor” and “Kindergarten Instructor” wherein the expertise in psychology plays an important role in addition to other needed requirements. For those students who aim to become clinical psychologist, we have devised intensive seminar classes with limited students. In it we provide the students with guideline for further studies at Graduate level by practicing English Text references and Graduate school entrance examination.

Japanese Calligraphy Course

In this course, we shall learn about language and culture by approaching it from the perspective of the role that it plays in human development and daily social life of the society. We shall conduct exhaustive studies with regards to literature, language study and calligraphy. Through literature the students will understand the essence of human nature and its relation with society whereas through language study they will inquire about language as a tool. Since the number of institutes offering special curriculum in the field of calligraphy education is very few, therefore, this course offers the students a unique opportunity to become a Calligraphy Instructor as well as a Professional Calligrapher.
By taking this course the students can obtain license for teaching Japanese at Junior and High school and Calligraphy at High School. They can also qualify as Librarian, Certified Psychologist and Information Manager. They may also get licenses for Elementary School Teaching and Special Need Teaching by taking other majors.

Library Information Course

This course allows the student to develop, improve and enhance skills like collection, arrangement, application and dispatching of information which is the corpus of human knowledge and culture. Thus, they will gain practical expertise in various fields. It offers an exhaustive study environment limited to a few students. The students are taught to deal flexibly with the rapid changes occurring in information environment considering that it comprises of a fluid cultural environment wherein humans interact. As a consequence, it lends to creative talent nurturing in students. The students are taught in accordance with their individual needs. Through this course, doors leading to wide ranging career opportunities shall open before the students especially, those, dealing with information. For example, they will able to attain qualifications such as advanced information management. Additionally, they can also go on to purse career such as Librarian and High School Information teacher. Moreover, they will also be able to get licenses for Elementary, Junior and High School teacher.

Seminar Reports

In pursuit of an ideal calligraphic work through acquiring skills of ink painting, ceramics, carved letters and other art forms.


Opinion of a seminar student-Faculty of Human Sciences- Department of Humanities /Fourth year.

It will expand your horizons about art by exposing you to the world view residing outside the realm of calligraphy.

In this seminar class, you will come to learn about various art skills such as ink painting, ceramics, carving letters and soukoutenboku ( a specialized form of calligraphy-copying old calligraphic work through placing a thin paper on original work and writing above it) among others. The number of students in this class is around 15 people. Their warm and open attitudes contribute to the cordial atmosphere of this class. Since the world view with which we approach art in this class is not strictly confined to calligraphy, it opens you to new dimensions making you feel different. The more you practice calligraphy the more you are exposed to new problems, therefore this seminar class provides me with an avenue to search for new ways to broaden my horizon and look outside the box.


Dietetics - Koki Masahiko’s seminar class

Look for new horizons and act positive

In here, you will not only learn about calligraphy (theory and skill) but also other arts such as ink painting, ceramics, carving letters, designing and photography. Art is an expression of our daily life. I feel that it is important to be creative and look for real things in life without being influenced by others. To do so, it is imperative to approach things with a broader perspective, challenge yourself and act positively. This is the motto of my life. The skills required for effective job hunting varies in accordance with the changing era. Today we have an abundance of students who persist in upgrading or developing skills only, which may be a good approach but a very limited one. Hence, in this seminar class, I encourage the students to work conscientiously in cooperation with each other including the teacher and while doing so, not to ignore but discover and reinforce their individual strength and originality

Sample Classes

Graduation Thesis Research Practice and Training I

Graduation Thesis Research Practice and Training I

Based on the students’ experiences in their first and second year they will learn how to write their graduation thesis, which is a necessary requirement for graduating. Especially, the student will aim to attain and brush up their basic academic skills so that they can come up with their own original and creative research dissertation.

Psychology Course – Experiment Training I

Psychology Course – Experiment Training I

The students will conduct fundamental experiments dealing with recognition, thought, human relations and group of people. They will be divided into and assume the positions of experimenter (analyst) and subject (who is to be examined) according to the themes assigned. This will help them to learn about the methods of physiological experiment, data collection, organization, result analysis and report writing. Through this practice they will also gain insight into concepts such as research ethics, morals and the problems that may arise in these areas while conducting a research.


Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden

The miniature garden has long been considered indispensable to the domain of psychology. During the process of playing with the miniature gardens, students together assume the positions and become the subjects and the analysts. In order to effectively understand the mind of the child at an educational / childcare institution, it is imperative to ensure the best use of the miniature garden considering that it will become a good means to measure the child’s mind.


Freshmen Induction Event

Freshmen Induction Event

Every year, before commencement of the semester classes we arrange an overnight induction event so that the freshman and teachers can develop a cordial relationship. Therefore, it provides the best opportunity to explain to the students the curriculum of this institute which is entirely different form that of their high school experience. Every year, the seniors also participate in this event as advisors and this year too, we had a great time together.

An Event During Year

April Entrance ceremony, Freshman Induction Course December Winter vacation
May Filed training at Junior and High Schools. January Second semester grades evaluation period.
August First semester grade evaluation period and summer vacation. February Graduation Thesis Presentation
October Calligraphy Competition March Graduation Ceremony and Teachers’ Appreciation Party
November University Festival --

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