Department of child_health

Distinctive Features of the Department

Study contents in line with needs of the changing era

In recent years, with the environmental changes around the children we need more suitable support in the areas of child health and development. The student shall be able to familiarize themselves with extensive knowledge and skills related to child health and development support by taking foundation courses such as Pedology, Child Care and Child health.

Nurturing Kindergarten teacher, Child Care Staff and School Nurse

In this department depending upon the interest of the student they may be able to obtain license and qualification of Kindergarten teacher, Child care instructor and School Nurse.

Study contents

Course Contents

We have various courses ranging from foundation subjects to major fields.

Basic knowledge in the field of child growth and development, child health support will be provided to the student. Furthermore, they will attain specialized knowledge and useful expertise. In addition, we shall teach specialized subjects related to the filed of education to facilitate the students’ aim of becoming Kindergarten teacher, Child care instructor and School Nurse

Wide range of courses dealing with health and medical care

Besides acquiring the qualification and skills required to become a School Nurse, the students will also gain extensive comprehension about its practical aspects such as medical secretarial work, medical care, social indemnity medical information as well as demand of medical treatment fee. As a result, the student will be motivated and proceed on to be successful in the fields of management of medical history records and secretary of medical management.

Fostering the growth of an independent working women of society

We offer a variety of subjects to groom the students so they come out as well rounded independent women who are sophisticated, cultured, cooperative and clear sighted. The course will provide them with the abilities to define their future aims in light of their own judgments and do be able to do self-analysis. It will also support them in gaining the manners and morals appropriate for becoming a responsible member of the society.

child health

child health

Seminar Reports

Expand their expertise in field training necessary for child learning.

Opinion of seminar student

Opinion of seminar student- Elementary Education study(second year)- Course to nurture Kindergarten Instructor.

Music stimulates child learning

Our first presentation dealt with reading out picture book stories to children accompanied with musical instruments. During the story narration, we made use of pianos and iron xylophones for various scenes. Of course the composition of tone color was discussed thoroughly among students. The response of children was very enthusiastic in comparison to what they normally exhibit to storied read out without music. We also greatly enjoyed this experience. Our next plan is to create an operetta that is to enact a role-play with the students donning cute stuffed animal costumes.

Opinion of seminar student

Dietetics - Tsuyama Miki’s Seminar class

The objective of this seminar is to help the students in coming up with ideas to create an interesting Kindergarten environment.

Our seminar class activity consists of creating music by students who aim to become Kindergarten Instructor and Child Care staff. Students will discuss and decide the theme they want to teach the children among themselves thoroughly and compose a music that is suitable to the theme. They will also make use of operetta, picture story show, panel theatre, paper theatre and picture books. Through playing with special children and by sharing their presentation with children at the attached kindergarten and preschool, they will be able to experience the joy and delight of musical expression.
Since the focus of this class is on creation of interesting activities and music, the possibility of the students to enjoy this process is very likely, which will contribute greatly to their growth in this field. We aim to support the students and help them express themselves through music and classes related to child care.

Opinion of seminar student

Opinion of the Seminar Student- Special Needs Education Studies-(Second Year) – Special Needs Education course

In pursuit of how a Special Needs Instructor should be, under the guidance of an experienced Supervisor.

I have chosen this seminar class to gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding under the able guidance of Professor Yamawaki who possessive a rich experience in the field of education. The warm atmosphere of this seminar class limited to a few students, stimulates us to focus on our research in the presence of supporting friends. The research of my seniors in this field reinvigorated my interest and sense of responsibility regarding the special needs education. I am still in the process of deciding my research theme and while doing so, I wish to increase my understanding about becoming a Special Needs Education Instructor.

Opinion of seminar student

Dietetics - Yamawaki Mayumi’s Seminar class

A seminar class that is both practical and fruitful enables student to participate in festivals while conducting research and thesis writing.

This seminar class consists of twelve students and is conducted every Wednesday. The students greatly enjoy the process of research progress in this class and learn the art of thesis writing and its various components by focusing on the research works completed by their seniors. Given the fact that the Supervisor has a very extensive experience in the field of Special Needs Education, the students are able to approach their research from Special Needs Education Instructor’s perspective. This year the university held a festival in which our seminar class also participated. The name of the stall was Bitton-bu pot dish (Circle of beautiful pork) and it offered one pot dish made of Pork. We were also supported by other seminar class students, therefore, we could smoothly deliver heart and body warming pot dish to many visitors for three days. We also plan to participate in an upcoming event that would be held next year. We invite whole heartedly the soon- to- be high school graduate students to be a part of this seminar class and experience the fruitful and beneficial campus life.

Sample Classes

Physical education

Physical education

Through this course the students have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in the fields of physical education so as to assist affectively in the growth and development of children. After the class is over, the students are arranged in groups to put the theory to practice.



This is a new course introduced to the students who aim to become Kindergarten Instructor, Special Needs Instructor and Child Care Staff to familiarize themselves with the commonly used medicines used by the children. They include information about relevant medicines such as anti-febrile anodyne, anti-inflammation medicine, medicine for cold and disinfectants. Hence, this course is for attaining major knowledge pertaining to the field of pharmacology.


Apron theatre

Apron theatre

This theatre activity involves sticking cartoon characters as well as those related to children stories to Apron. These are then used for role play activities. The stories may include those created by the students themselves. So stick some characters to your apron and prepare your story!


Training Department

Training Department

In child health studies department, the students are offered a unique induction course. Therein the students stay over at place for one night and are introduced to seniors who share their campus life experiences. They are also given guidance regarding necessary subjects for qualifications. In addition, they are taught about things that will help them to have a smooth journey in their campus life ahead. The concept of this university which is to create model women of society in accordance with the philosophy of this institute, is also made known to them and they are invited to carve out their future life plan in light of that vision.

An Event During Year

April Entrance ceremony, Freshmen Induction event. November University Festival, Kitakyuhsu city school health and physical activity seminar.
May/June Special Needs Education Training, Kindergarten Training, Hospital Training. December Winter Vacation and second semester grade evaluation period
August First Semester grade evaluation period, Child care training II. III, Welfare institution training. January Fieldwork Presentations by current and graduated students.
September Short Internship, Examination for Medical Secretary Certificate. February Childcare Filed Training I
October Kindergarten Field Training March Childcare Filed Training I, Graduation Ceremony, Teachers’ Appreciation Party.

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