President's Message

Kyushu Women's University's motto “Educate and nurture women to be strong yet gentle.”

Fukuhara Gakuen was established in 1947. Since its establishment, the institution now has 3 universities, 1 high school and 3 kindergartens at the forefront of providing quality education in a fast changing era and high social demand, while fulfilling the educational need of the region.

Recognizing the change in society's perspective on women and the impact of globalization, Fukuhara Gakuen strives to provide a well-rounded education for women allowing access into a competitive workforce still trying to achieve gender equality.

In response to the need, apart from lectures, experiments, practical training and internship program, the institution continues to improve upon its hard and soft infrastructure. In April 2016, the institution opened a new campus "KomeiKan". The campus ability to freely change internal layout is based on an Active Learning Studio concept. The campus has a nursery room, a traditional tea room for manners and etiquette classes. The institution also strives to enhance student's overall communication and problem solving skills.

Fukuhara Gakuen will continue to uphold its motto nurturing [Strong yet gentle woman = Kyushu Women's University graduate].

Kyushu Women’s University
Kyushu Women’s Junior College

President Kimiko Fukuhara

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